Risk Disclosure

We take charge of our customers and so we deem it wise to disclosure information about probable risks with which the work on the exchange market FOREX and stock market STOCK is fraught. In addition, we would like to give you a warning for eventual financial losses related to such risks.

  • Leverage Risk
    If you effect transactions upon marginal trading conditions any price alteration for financial instrument can produce a negative effect on situation of your trading account.
  • Financial Instrument Risk
    In a short span of time the price for a number of financial instruments can be considerably changed that associates with significant alteration in current result for opened position. It mat have as a positive effect as a negative one.
  • System Risk
    All trading operations (except from orders made by telephone) are carried out by means of trading system — the trading terminal. The customer shall assume the risk of probable occurrence of equipment technical deficiency, software service failures, electrical power supply interruptions, Internet-connection failures etc.
  • Force Majeure
    The customer shall assume the risk of financial losses or reduced profit resulting from occurrence of force-majeure circumstances.
  • Administrative Risks
    The customer shall assume the risk of prohibition, in full or in part, of complete use of the company services by the legislation of the country where he resides and carries out trading transactions.

We strongly recommend you to assess thoroughly all probable risks and take a solution for choice of your trading strategy.