Reliable Trading

Hundred of thousands customers highly evaluate TeleTRADE not only for high work quality, but also for its stability, reliability and customer service level.

Reliability of TeleTRADE: it is actually a long list of all kinds of warranties confirmed by both the major banks worldwide and by independent commissions regulating relations of financial markets participants as well as strict observance of world standards for trading conditions and, in addition, the extended range of supplementary essential factors.

Support of Independent Commission Regulating Relations of Financial Markets Members

The company TeleTRADE is one of founders of KROUFR (Independent Commission for Regulation of Relations of Financial Markets Participants) and NP CRFIN (Non-Commercial Partnership’ Centre of Regulation of OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies” ).

KROUFR is a non-commercial organization, and its activities are directed to the service development and regulation of relation Russian participants of the international finance markets.

Being TeleTRADE customer, any participant of exchange market may always count on support of KROUFR in financial risks minimization as well as the participants have the right to count on the support of insurance fund intended for the customers of dealing centres- -KROUFR members.

The Largest Branch Network both in Russia and Europe

200 offices in 22 countries worldwide: such figures tell their own tale. The company has conducted for more than 18 years meanwhile its expands on the permanent basis and offers its clients worldwide the highest standards of services in the exchange market.

Leading Analysts

The most proper evaluation given to the staff expertise should be length of their labour service in the major companies. The total service of the TeleTRADE leading analysts lasts for more than 50 years! It is the best evidence of their high-level qualification. Our company is justly proud of its highly-qualified staff.

TeleTRADE analysts are the people who make every effort and apply all their abilities, experience and knowledge to render proper and professional advice to customers of our company.

TeleTRADE Strategy: practical conservatism

Our main strategy is conservatism, and that means the thorough and well-considered analysis of every separate step or action when you deal with financial assets.

Consideration of Claims Brought Out by Customers against the Company

Resolutions of the Special Commission for Claim Consideration shall be binding according to the Regulations:

KROUFR Compensatory Fund Intended for the TeleTRADE Customers

The Compensatory Fund is established with the purpose of financial securing of the NP KROUFR member liabilities for indemnification of losses done in the course of liabilities execution for the customers of KROUFR members. The Fund is composed of monetary means cumulated and deposited on the special account of the operating account of the NP KROUFR, and then the means are transferred to the executive company in order to increase the found amount by means of profit acquisition.
The Compensatory Fund monetary means shall be distributed only for the indemnification of losses done to their customers by the KROUFR members due to fulfilment or improper fulfilment the liabilities specified in the Contract of Service Rendering, Quotation Regulations as well as in other documents governing their relations with customers.,11421.0.html