Trading Conditions

We always strive for providing the ultimate trading conditions for our customers!

It is vital for us that everybody who has made use of our services can realize this is the case.

We closely monitor the range of services provided for the key market segments and can confidently state: our conditions are among the best one, they most efficiently reflect interests of our customers meanwhile the current level of financial technologies development is observed.

We offer ideal set of services of services to effect your transactions:

  • spread extent;
  • order execution speed;
  • High speed of feedback.

The TeleTRADE policy has been always distinct in terms of conservatism and reasonable pragmatism. We do not try to mislead our customers providing them information for almost zero-spread trading and other unreal market conditions. We hope for the reasonable approach and understanding of our customers in such aspect.

Before you start trading we strongly recommend you to look into the following document:

Trading Conditions

For FOREX Instruments

For CFD on Stocks

For CFD on Futures

For CFD on Metals

For CFD on Currency