Web-Agent (Representation in the Internet)

Well, you have a website and suppose that its users would like to cooperate with our company. We offer you (as website’s owner)to deal with us attracting new customers. The cooperation pattern is easy:

  • You place various advertising information about our company on your website. You may process texts of your advertising materials at your own discretion in”custom- tailored” way. In addition, you may attract your customers by means of any fair means.
  • If your website guest has become our customer (opens a trading account in TeleTRADE), you are awrded forits every trading transaction.

The amount of your agent commission is calculated on the basis of the transaction amount of effected by the customers attracted. (If you do not know what closed lot means please look into the FOREX terminology on our website: http://teletrade.ca/novice/alphabet ). Therefore, your profit depends 100 per cent on the number of customers attracted and their activity level. After that you are registered for the present program of partnership, you may receive a thorough financial plan.

Technical implementation of tying-up a certain customer on an agent’s behalf is processed as follows:

  • If that customer clicks through the link, the special text file cookie is saved to its computer . That file contains information that the cusomer effect skipping namely from your site(not from another one). On default such a file is stored for 1 year at the customer computer. You may find information about cookie-files in Wikipedia — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie.
  • If such a customer opens an account on our website, we read information out that cookie-file, and then it is automatically marked as attracted by you.

Please pay attention that completing registration at the page: https://my.teletrade-dj.com/#registration the Customer is to choose the type of account: “Forex Trading Account with Minimum Deposit of 2000$”. Other types of account may not process tying-up with agents.

To become a TeleTRADE web-agent, you should register special agency account. For this purpose:

  • Please fill in the registration form at this page;
  • The application is submitted for consideration. If a positive resolution is taken in terms of your application you are sent a special linl clicking throught you may register the agency account as well as you receive a reference link and start atracting customers.

Please pay attention that you should specify true dataprocessing all steps of registration as well as accept agreement of such kind of cooperation. You may look into its contents processing registration in your personal office.

To become a TeleTRADE web-agent, you should register special agency account at https://my.teletrade-dj.com/#registration/agent. Please note that you should indicate correct data during all the registration steps, and accept the agreement for this type of cooperation. Its text will be offered to study it in the process of registration in the personal office.

Upon completion of your registration you recive information as follows:
Account number: хххххх
Password: хххххх
Investor password: ххххххх
Link for your website: https://my.teletrade-dj.com/agent.html?agent=хххххх (instead хххххх the number of your agency account is selected on default). It is the link you should place at your website.

If you wish to become TeleTRADE web-agent, please fill the application form in and send your application. We would like to draw your attention that currently we give consideration for websites focused on finance with visiting statistics more tha 100 visitors a day as eventual web-agents.

Apply to be Registered as WEB-Аgent

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