Introducing Broker (IB)

Agent or Introducing Broker (IB) is a natural person or legal entity awarded for introduction of new clients to TeleTRADE.

The company TeleTRADE runs its business on the basis of advanced technologies that assure steady profit. We offer training and probation programs for you and your staff in our regional representative offices. We provide assistance in training as well as in arrangement and maintenance of all business activities.
Perhaps, TeleTRADE offers currently the best conditions of partnership.

Only our company accrues bonus (calculation is based on the amount of money you've deposited) and 24% (annually; calculation is based on the amount of money on your trading account at a moment of calculation). 10%- bonus of the amount of money deposited and 24% per annum for monetary means already place on the account. It sets us apart fromour competitors. So you have more chances to chase your own customers upon such kinds of conditions.

To specify our conditions, we take into consideration:

  • The number of customers gained;
  • Amount of funds inviteed;
  • Customer activity level;
  • Customer retention rate.

You will receive detailed plan providing all necessary data and profit model after you register in this partnership program.

After that you are registered for the present program of partnership, you may receive a thorough plan specifying all details and profit generation pattern.

Apply to be registered as Introducing Broker (IB)

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