How to Get Started Trading on FOREX

Trading currencies on FOREX exchange market is not very complicated thing. Your own wish and basic knowledge determine a lot.

So we recommend at first to enroll introductory workshops (free of charge) and to complete training in training centres of TeleTRADE, or online.

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What are the technical aspects of trading?

The technical aspects of sale/purchase transaction are completed ridiculously easy. You need only a computer, PPC or mobile device provided with Internet access, then you press a number of buttons and- after a pair of seconds the transaction will have been completed.

Registering transaction profit is carried out in very similar way. You can also set profit fixing order for the price you determine in advance (Take-Profit) and the order that strictly limits risk for this operation (Stop-Loss) on default. Therefore, you can monitor your transaction meanwhile in many cases you need not follow continuously price movement or even leave the transaction open at night when you sleep.

The international exchange market operates day and night, so you have a lot of additional opportunities to make money. But –if you have no open sale/purchase transactions and you would like to have a break in trading for a while, for example- you are going to travel or simply to have a rest –take it easy: you need not worry. The currency amount deposited on your account remains the same, notwithstanding any market fluctuations.

You can also make use of the opportunity (as you wish) to buy or to sell for the price you have determined in advance as well as use other useful opportunities.

What Do You Need in Order to Start Trading?

First of all, you Open a Trading Account.

To carry out successful trading you should improve and develop your skills using demo-account (an accurate copy of really existing trading account, but has no money deposit).

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In addition to thorough guidelines directly provided in the Trading Terminal you should read a popular paper describing the recommended procedure and the way of the program use literally step by step.

You can also not to trade in your own, but make use of such services as ”Personal Trader” and ”Synchronous Trading”, if you are short of time or of opportunities to learn and to trade in your own. The mentioned services provide you opportunities to make efficient investments to the exchange market FOREX trusting your means to experienced managers -professionals.

You may replenish FOREX account or withdraw money from that account using almost every bank by means of bank cards Visa or MasterCard through such payment systems as Webmoney or Moneybookers as well as through paying terminals to pay services and accounts.