FOREX for Beginners

This section provides information about FOREX exchange market for beginners.

It is well-known matter that the best manuals for children are written by academics. After all, only a true professional making a deep sense of matter is able to find and choose just words that everybody can easily understand to explain the truth that is not always very simple and understandable. Such experts who can tell about FOREX in easy and understandable way work in TeleTRADE, too.

As a matter of fact, it is a specific introductive course that helps you get your foot in the door to achieve financial independence. If you are interested in exchange transactions fairly recently and wish to go a bit deeply into the exchange market subject matter before getting started your training you are very welcome here.


Forex (English FOReign EXchange) is the market of foreign exchange or international market of currencies. Its participants every day make money with currency exchange rates between euro and dollar, pound and yen as well as Canadian dollar and Australian dollar.

Read this section to know about trading conditions, if the ”market entry” is payable, what can help you in making predictions for currency going up or instead down in the nearest future. In other words, everything about FOREX that is simply vital for beginners!

How to Make Money with FOREX

Making use of simple language and in expert way this section covers all necessary information related to the core point: how and how much one can earn by trading on the exchange market. Here you can get information about the range of transaction profitability as well as can get advice of experienced traders for beginners taking their very first steps towards the exchange market.

How to Start Trading with FOREX

A new trader needs a certain scope of knowledge as well as a computer, PPC or a mobile phone having internet access, by all means. Where can you download free trading program? How can you open a demo-account and getting trained so far as you are short of knowledge to trade indeed? And then how to open an account, to replenish it and to withdraw the profit you have made? What are the investment methods in the event you are not skilled enough or you cannot attend time to deal with trading? This section covers all the information mentioned.

Profit and Risk Assessment

How big is the risk meanwhile what is the amount of profit you can anticipate? Look into thorough calculations both of possible profits and risks by means provided examples of certain transactions.

FOREX Myth-Making– FAQ

The exchange market FOREX is subject of fabulous rumour and idle speculation caused by unrevised and distorted information people often make do with. To do all the ”i”s, we strictly recommend to look into this section containing the most popular myths about FOREX, which are approved or disproved by the major traders and analysts.