The financial markets attract attention not only institutional investors, but private traders as well. Especially today, when everyone can monitor the situation on world’s major markets.  But you’ve got to have good economical skills to understand and digest a lot of incoming fundamental news to take right decisions for your successful investing.

TeleTRADE’s analytic department’s proffessionals work on financial markets for more then 18 years. Their theoretical skills along with the best practices will help you to succeed in this sphere. Also our specialists’ knowledge let the analytic department to take the leading place in Russian segment.

It should be mentioned, that the time of forex and stock markets news’ releases and figures in economic schedule correspond to Greenwich time (GMT). It lets us to avoid a news mess because of different time zones.

TeleTRADE’s specialists have worked out a unique NEWS product without any analog on CIS markets. It includes everything that helps to make your trading the most progressive. NEWS product is divided into following blocks:

Along with the key macroeconomic news and events you have the opportunity to be in touch with the market situation analysis. Particularly, the techs analysis of financial tools is at your attention all the time, just like the analysis of a fundamental picture.

Daily forex and stocks market reviews are the full information about the most important events of the day. If you don’t want to spend all the day long at your PC and still be there at the market, the reviews give you such opportunity, presenting a whole and detailed picture of the financial markets,.

Trading hours (sessions) reviews let to follow the main currencies dynamic’s during each separate session (Asian, EU and NY) and events weighting on currencies.

EU and NY focuses are the digests of key fundamental data and news that drive the currency market.

Leading economic indicators previews are the necessary thing for a successful trading. Our specialists’ estimates also include evaluation of the possible currency moves before and after the release of the news in cases the released data are different from expected one.

Officials’ comments make it clear what the US, EU and Asian officials think about the market situation. Also you may take an advantage of world’s leading financial institutions’ analysts and economists as to the market sentiment.

We’d like to focus your attention that all the news and reviews are the on-line product. It helps investors to get the information in time and to react quickly on the markets moves.

Central banks’ key lending rates are one of the most important monetary policy regulation tool and they have a direct influence on currencies. Interest rates block gives you not only a full information as to the current rates, but also you may analyze their dynamic during certain period of time.

On TeleTRADE’s web-page you may also observe the Schedule of economic news that helps to plan your trading correctly.

Analytic department’s activity is not limited by the internet translation. Our specialists are regular guests on analytic TV programs that observe financial markets. You may also find TeleTRADE’s specialists articles in press.