Our Services

The high quality of services provided by TeleTRADE ensures the most convenient conditions for your successful trading in the markets FOREX, CFD and Futures.


We provide comprehensive training for specialists working in the international financial markets more than 18 years. Tor training programs are unmatched: they are intended for training students of any preliminary level: from absolute beginners to experts of the market. After completing the course you are received the relevant certificate, employment availability and a chance to open a real trading account. And, of course, you obtain the unique knowledge you can use in your every-day life.

Account Service

We can provide you information confidentiality, high-speed transactions, rapid execution of orders and bank warranties of deposit security. Customers may administrate accounts on their own discretion or commit it administration in the trust of experienced trader.

Consulting Services

The company experts are always available to give you advice on the strategies as well as on trading terminal facilities and to render proper technical support.
Their highest level of professional skills that is appropriate for our staff is based on their great, long-term experience on the international financial markets. Expertise of the TeleTRADE staff, knowledge of all subtleties of successful trading allow providing proper advice to our clients so they can immediately obtain all the information required and take proper trading solutions. You can apply for consulting, and they all questions you are interested in.

Analytics and News

We offer our clients to get familiarized with research of leading research analysts, as well as provide advice on the development of customer-made trading systems.

Our experts daily monitor all changes in global financial markets. Basing on such data they regularly process the latest news, reports and forecasts: everything that may affect market situation as in the near future as in the longer terms. TeleTRADE customers have a free access to the Dow Jones wirenews and information channel (in Russian and English).

Asset Management

Management of assets is the complete set of services providing opportunity of trading on the market in the most efficient way.

"Synchronous Trading" is an actual opportunity to increase profitability of your trading on exchange markets meanwhile you receive remuneration for making use of your experience and knowledge or reproduce the best trader transactions.

"Personal Trader" is the unique platform developed upon the initiative upon an initiative of investors and traders to share information. This project allows investors to obtain information about successful traders of FOREX.