KROUFR Membership

KROUFR means the Commission of Regulation Financial Market Participant Relation Regulation.

It is a non-commercial organization, and its activities are directed to the service development and regulation of relation Russian participants of the international finance markets.

The members of KROUFR are the major participants of the Russian segment of FOREX Exchange market. Such participants strive to provide the maximum protection of private investor and trader rights.

The TeleTRADE Company is one of initiators in establishment of that institution that provides for our customers ensured protection of their business- activities.

  • Ensuring conditions and coordination of the international markets participant activities;
  • Facilitating risk minimization for the international markets participants;
  • Development and implementation facilitation of regulations and standards for operation conducting in the international financial markets including business ethics principles, fair competition, dispute and disagreement resolution between the international financial markets participants;
  • Establishment of insurance fund for dealing centre customers –KROUFR members;
  • Assistance in setting up conditions facilitating improvement of work quality of international markets participants;
  • Facilitaing improvement of legislative and regulatory framework of international financial markets;
  • Informational presentation and analytical interpretation of services and work principles in the international financial markets;
  • Carrying out researches on trends and development prospects for in the international financial markets, introduction of new technologies.

KROUFR principal activities:

  • Settlement of disputes and disagreements arisen out between the international markets participants;
  • Certification of international markets participants;
  • Securing fulfilment of liabilities of certified international markets participants.