The Non-Commercial Partnership"Centre of Regulation of OTC Financial Instruments" (NP"CRFIN") is the first self-regulating organization in Russian segment of the international exchange market FOREX.

Basing on long-term work experience and being interested in legislative regulation of the FOREX market in Russia, the TeleTRADE Company Group has become one of the principal originators and participants in establishment of NP "CRFIN". Currently NP "CRFIN" prearranges the development of statutory rules, standards and governing regulations of market targeted to interest protection for all its participants, first of all, for traders. The Partnership participants fall under groups according to their general activities and reliability.
TeleTRADE falls under Group А represented by reliable suppliers of services in the FOREX market. Such suppliers meet the highest-level requirements for activity implementation standards and amount of their own capital assets.

Principal requirements for NP"CRFIN" participants:

  • For the customers residing over the territory of Russia, the customer service shall be carried out solely by legal entities registered in the RF;
  • All market participants shall meet the requirements for minimum capital and r. The minimum capital assets shall be deposited on Russian Bank accounts.
  • The market participants shall satisfy a range of organizational and ethic demands processed on the grounds of developed international experience (requirements for information disclosure, proper information distribution for trade risks, proper information provision in advertising materials, implementation of procedures of counter-acting legalization of the revenue accrued by criminal means etc).